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All sessions will be one-on-one with Greer. The first visit will last up to 1 hour and 15min for initial evaluation and comprehensive exam. Follow ups will last for 1 hour.


PhysioDEN is a cash based practice, so you know exactly what you are paying for. Due to the personalized nature of treatment and one-on-one quality time with each patient, you will require fewer visits than conventional physical therapy with faster results!

Ask about 4 or 8 session packages to decrease your overall cost!


Payment by HSA card, credit card, Venmo, check or cash accepted.

Reimbursement to Insurance is possible depending on your insurance provider. If interested, prior to your visit ask your insurance provider what your "out of network" physical therapy reimbursement rate is. Request a Superbill from PhysioDEN after your treatment to submit to your insurance.

I believe that all individuals are entitled to quality healthcare. If cost is a limiting factor, please ask about payment plan options, and Medicaid or Medicare discount.


01 Initial Evaluation 

For injury or prevention:

1 hour 30min


03 Telehealth Session

1 hour via HIPAA compliant platform


05 Consulting for Professionals

Contact for price and duration details - dependent on number of participants and location.

Great for groups of fitness professionals or health care providers

02 Follow Up

For injury or prevention:

1 hour


04 Team or Group Assessment

Contact for price and duration details - dependent on number of participants and location

06 Sponsor an Individual or Group

Know of someone or group of individuals that may not have the financial means to access PhysioDEN services? Contact for details.


Located within

Tower 1660 at 

1660 S. Albion St, Suite 309

Denver, CO 80222

Tel: 314 - 629 - 7403

Thanks for submitting!

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