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Dr. Greer Mackie, PT, DPT, OCS, PRC

As the healthcare system has become more specialized, sometimes the patient can get lost in a sea of multiple providers, conflicting opinions and chasing pain from one body part to another. With my background and knowledge of the human movement system, I feel the best way to approach patients' conditions is to comprehensively look at the whole body with the understanding that the human body is not symmetrical. The focus should include all systems, rather than just the location of pain, as well as environmental and social factors that can contribute to symptoms. 

Well balanced movement patterns are required for a pain free and healthy life. Pain will act as an alarm system when we get out of balance as a result of being stuck in a dominant alignment for a certain period of time. Understanding how to restore normal movement is half the battle to recovery!

Some specific examples of activities that you may not realize are perpetuating your symptoms:

What is your home office ergonomic set up?

Are you consistently leaning to the right?

How do you sit on your couch when you binge Netflix?

What posture do you stand when holding your child?

What is your movement strategy walking up and down your stairs?

Do we need to adjust your Peloton bike fit?

Or are there ways you should modify your workout?

Allow me to help meet your goals in fewer visits than traditional physical therapy, learn more about your body and avoid surgeries, medication and stress along the way.  root cause


I specialize in treating patients of all ages for the following conditions:

  • All sports and orthopedic injuries

  • Chronic pain that has not abated with other treatments

  • Disc herniation and spinal stenosis

  • Headache

  • Dizziness

  • Post-Concussion Syndrome

  • Pelvic pain (pre- and post- partum)

  • Arthritis

  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder

  • Respiratory Dysfunction (including long-COVID, exercise induced asthma, etc.)




I went to Greer after a sprained ankle, but she quickly identified bigger issues where I needed alignment. Because of her, my quality of life and the weekly pain I was experiencing -- including grueling headaches --  significantly got better. She gave me the exercises and tools I needed to have a better quality of life and understand how my posture and breath are all connected. Not only that but Greer has a comforting and easy to talk to personality that made me feel at ease during each appointment."

LAURA M., 35

"I had chronic upper back pain for years. I tried a chiropractor. Dry needling. Two other physical therapists. None of it really helped at all. Then a physiatrist recommended Greer. I was about to take a 2-week trip and I made a first appointment before leaving. She gave me a couple of exercises, which I did daily, and within just a few days, the frequency and intensity of the pain went down dramatically. I had a great vacation. It’s been a few months now and the pain is still at a low level. I can’t say enough about Greer Mackie. She zeroed in on the cause of my pain, not just temporary alleviation."

STEVE C., 67

I had an amazing experience with PhysioDEN. Greer carefully listened to my concerns and developed a unique, effective plan for me to return to exercise after a challenging C-Section. I have been to physical therapy many times before, and have been given a list of generic exercises and instructions each time. This was a completely different experience focused on the more complex alignment issues of my body, my recovery, and my desired outcomes. I highly recommend Greer for anyone seeking effective, specialized physical therapy treatment.

I have had issues with my ankle for years and underwent two surgeries within the last two years, so I have had my fair share of physical therapists... Greer Mackie was BY FAR the best! She is motivating, supportive, and extremely knowledgable. We started PT sessions 2-3 months post-op and Greer basically taught me how to walk again. Greer also focuses on full body recovery which helps to avoid future injuries and promotes long-term success! I am so grateful for her help and would recommend 10/10!

ALEXA H., 29

Greer is awesome, she understands the mechanics of physical therapy better than any other therapist I have met. She goes beyond just exercises and stretches to address and correct underlying issues. Highly recommend!

"I started seeing Greer for help with an injury after my first 100 mile run. Her treatment got me back to running and supported training during recovery.  She also diagnosed and helped correct biomechanical issues that have helped me prevent further injury and kept me on track for one of my best ever years running ultras."



Located at 1485 South Colorado Blvd, Suite 315, Denver, CO 80222

Tel: 314 - 629 - 7403

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